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Over 27 years in business… trusted by leading financial institutions

This is a record we are proud of, and work hard to retain. We know we can’t afford to rest on our laurels. This is why we have created this site… to help you, a business or property owner, make the right choices when it comes to selecting a valuer or property consultant. We know your success relies upon it.

In-depth local market knowledge

industrial property valuation valuation of light industrial buildings
residential property purchase

If you are selling or purchasing a:

  • rural or residential property,
  • commercial or industrial property
  • business, plant or machinery

or need a valuation for the purpose of:

  • a rent review
  • securing finance
  • obtaining insurance
  • partnership settlement
  • strategic planning
  • market research

… it will be useful for you to know that Alexander Hayward Ltd consists of a team of independent, professional, fully qualified property advisors and valuers, with additional expertise in tourism, farming, viticulture and aquaculture.

Such breadth of expertise under one roof has its advantages. Not only does it accelerate the service you receive, but the opinion and reporting you will receive is more informed. When your business or personal circumstances change, requiring different property or valuation advice, you won’t need to shop around for a new expertise like you would with a small valuation firm.

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