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Partnering with Alexander Hayward Ltd

If you’ve come here from our home page then you’ll know already that we are a Marlborough based firm of property and valuation consultants, with in-depth local market knowledge (around 30 years at last count). You’ll also know that our work has gained us the trust of leading financial institutions, so much so that we are considered their ‘preferred valuers’, a status we work hard to maintain.
In addition to this you have the assurance of knowing that our advice comes backed by additional promises:

  • All Alexander Hayward valuers have the relevant professional qualifications, each is registered as proof of those qualifications and maintains annual practicing certificates.
  • As members of the professional bodies Property Institute of New Zealand, NZ Institute of Valuers, NZ Institute of Primary Industry Management, Arbitrators and Mediators Institute, Alexander Hayward maintain a code of ethics, including strict client confidentiality.
  • All Alexander Hayward valuers and property advisors undertake ongoing professional development, and work to international valuation standards
  • We are independent, so our opinion is impartial; not influenced by third party interests
  • Membership of ValGroup, a New Zealand wide network of valuation firms, provides nationwide expertise with local focus
  • We will not act where there is a perception of conflict of interest, and we will provide a compliance statement with every report
  • We carry professional indemnity insurance to further reduce client’s risk.

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How much will it cost?

Nobody likes surprises when it comes to costs, so for this reason we will provide you with an estimate or firm cost, depending on the nature of your requirements.

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aquiculture-property-advice valuations of rental properties

For a straightforward property valuation in Blenheim, Picton or Kaikoura we can provide you with a set fee quotation. You will receive a valuation report which conforms to international  standards and will be accepted by banks and other financial institutions.

If you have specialist needs, such as a property related consultation, we will provide an estimate of fee based around your instructions, the degree of specialist knowledge and skill required, and the time it will take to complete.

Making payment is easy too. We accept EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard, or you can make payment by direct debit, personal, bank cheque, or cash. Those clients who have an established payment history with us can also apply for credit.

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